Opening Session

Session Chair: Weixiong Rao

Time Speaker Subject
09:00-09.25 Weixiong Rao/Prof./Dr. Aaron Ding Opening Speech
09.25-09.50 Noreikis MARIUS Towards Efficient Visual Crowdsourcing for Indoor Mapping
09:50-10:15 Prof./Dr. Shaoxu SONG Time Series Data Cleaning

✽ ✽   Coffee Break 10:15-10:45 ☕ ✽ ✽

Data Analytics

Session Chair: Aaron Ding (TU Delft)

Time Speaker Subject
10:45-11:10 Prof./Dr. Yang Chen DeepScan: Exploiting Deep Learning for Malicious Account Detection in Location-Based Social Networks
11:10-11:35 Prof./Dr. Jiangfeng Li TSCSet: A Crowdsouced Time-Sync Comment Dataset for Knowledge Extraction in Online Videos
11:35-12:00 Dianlei XU A First Look at IoT Devices Over China

✽ ✽ Lunch 12:00-13:30 🥗🍴🍗 ✽ ✽

Devices and IoT

Session Chair: Yang Chen (Fudan U)

Time Speaker Subject
13:30-13:55 Prof./Dr. Pan Hui Talk2Me: A Framework for Device-to-Device Augmented Reality Social Network
13:55-14:20 Michael HAUS Enabling Practical Distance-bounding IoT Services via Visible Light Signaling
14:20-14:50 Ibbad HAFEEZ IoT device activity recognition

✽ ✽ Coffee Break 14:50-15:15 ☕ ✽ ✽

Edge Computing

Session Chair: Pan Hui (HKUST/UH)

Time Speaker Subject
15:15-15:40 Prof./Dr. Aaron Ding Edge Computing for Smart IoT Systems
15:40-16:05 Dr. Yu KANG Towards High Performance Mobile Applications
16:05-16.25 Ahmad ALHILAL Characterizing Driving Style to Mitigate Potential Crashes using ML in V2E Architecture
16:25-16.45 Ashwin S RAO Revisiting the Architecture for Software-based In-memory Key Value Stores

✽ ✽ Dinner 17:00-20:00 🥗 🍻 🍤 ✽ ✽


Session Chair: Eiko Yoneki (Cambridge U)

Time Speaker Subject
09:00-09.25 Senior lecturer and Scientist Markku Kojo Is CoAP Congestion Safe?
09.25-09.50 Dr. Zhen Cao CoAP Congestion Control Revisited
09:50-10:15 Xun LI Net Network-coded Cluster Cooperative Content Distribution Networks

✽ ✽   Coffee Break 10:15-10:45 ☕ ✽ ✽

Reinforcement Learning

Session Chair: Mingxuan Yuan (Huawei)

Time Speaker Subject
10:45-11:10 Dr. Eiko Yoneki Performance Tuning with Structured Bayesian Optimisation and Reinforcement Learning
11:10-11:35 Yao-chieh HU Distributed Multiplex State Consensus on Smart Contracts
11:35-12:00 Prof./Dr. Jianguo YAO A Two-step Diagnosis Framework of Cardiac Arrhythmias with Deep Reinforcement Learning

✽ ✽ Lunch 12:00-13:30 🥗🍴🍗 ✽ ✽

Sensing and Mining

Session Chair: Yuedong Xu (Fudan U)

Time Speaker Subject
13:30-13:55 Prof./Dr. Sasu Tarkoma 5G and sensing
13:55-14:20 Dr. Mingxuan YUAN Telco Sptio-temporal Data Mining
14:20-14:50 Yige ZHANG Telco outdoor localization

✽ ✽ Coffee Break 14:50-15:15 ☕ ✽ ✽

Indoor Localization

Session Chair: Zhen Cao (Huawei)

Time Speaker Subject
15:15-15:40 Prof./Dr. Yuedong XU AWL: Turning Spatial Aliasing From Foe to Friend for Accurate WiFi Localization
15:40-16:05 Prof./Dr. Dawei LIU A Study of K in K-Nearest Neighbor Fingerprint Indoor Positioning
16:05-16.25 Xinyu QU DWELT: A Precise Indoor Localization Fusion System
16:25-16.45 Tianxia LIU Performance analysis of UWB-based precise indoor navigation system(UPINS)

✽ ✽ Dinner 17:00-18:30🥗 🍻 🍤 ✽ ✽

Social Program 20:00

Modelling & Optimization

Session Chair: Prof. Xin Wang (Fudan U)

Time Speaker Subject
09:00-09.25 Prof./Dr. Yong Li Cross-domain Mobile Users’ Behavior Modelling and Prediction
09.25-09.50 Prof./Dr. Ziyu SHAO A Unified Framework for Distributed Network Combinatorial Optimization
09:50-10:15 Qingyuan Gong Understanding Cross-Site Linking in Online Social Networks

✽ ✽   Coffee Break 10:15-10:45 ☕ ✽ ✽

Sensing & Mininig

Session Chair: Prof./Dr. Yong Li

Time Speaker Subject
10:45-11:10 Dr. Huber Flores Regularity-Based  Optimization of the Energy Footprint of Mobile Sensing Applications
11:10-11:35 Tong Li Discovering Activity Patterns across Mobile Application Usages
11:35-11:55 Prof./Dr. Qinpei Zhao A pivot-based tree structure distance in cluster analysis
11:55-12:15 Dejun Ning A Common Service Middleware & DOAD Method of i-CSS V1.0C

✽ ✽ Lunch 12:00-13:30 🥗🍴🍗 ✽ ✽

Industry Big Data

Session Chair: Weixiong Rao (Tongji U)

Time Speaker Subject
13:30-13:55 Feng Liu SAIC Data Platform
13:55-14:20 Peng ZHAO Trajectory Data Query Processing
14:20-14:40 Chengyang XU Big Data Computing Platform in Ximalaya
14:40-15:00 Yanjie CHEN A real-time recommendation system on facebook

✽ ✽ Coffee Break 15:00-15:30 ☕ ✽ ✽

Discussion and Closing